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Zoes Kitchen Catering menu. Zoes Kitchen’s Mediterranean roots have been a big contributor to their excellent catering program. They know everything is a celebration and have the right food to accommodate just that. However, your event can be of any size, and Zoes will take care of it. From grilled gatherings to freshly packed lunches to party packs, Zoes can create a custom-made package just for your event. Foods on the catering menu include sandwich and pita lunches, lean turkey pita, roll up trays, signature spreads, and pasta salad. Zoes Kitchen’s catering menu is fun, diverse, and extensive. If your special event needs a little bit of Mediterranean spicing and flavoring, then look no further than Zoes Kitchen. In addition to their food, their customer service is great and they treat everyone like family.

Below are the latest Zoes Kitchen catering menu prices.


Zoes Kitchen is a fast casual restaurant chain based in the U.S. Found in 1995 in Alabama, Marcus and Zoe Cassimus were inspired to bring a heavily Greek-influenced menu equipped with a variety of chicken salad, pasta salad, pitas and grilled chicken sandwiches, as well as fountain drinks, milk, juices, and hot tea. Customers can dine in, order online, or call for takeout at any given location. Zoes Kitchen also offers catering and vegetarian options. Foods on the menu include starters such as hummus and pita, salads such as Greek salad and the hummus and salad plate, and sandwiches including the pimento cheese and egg salad. This Mediterranean-inspired food is all made from scratch with fresh ingredients. You can visit Zoes Kitchen’s website to see their catering menu. As of 2014, the restaurant chain has 131 stores dispersed across 15 states. Plans to expand further are in the near future.

zoes kitchen catering menu prices

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