Ruby Tuesday Catering Menu Prices

Ruby Tuesday Catering menu. Ruby Tuesday does catering and, boy, we know you are ecstatic about that! We are too! Ruby Tuesday makes it easy to order online and easy in general. If it concerns a business meeting, graduation parties, tailgates, or even baby showers, they are one call, click, and request away. The menu is extensive, mouth-watering, and irresistible. Packaged meals such as boxed meals, burger bars, potato and soup bars, and platters will satisfy events of any size. Parmesan shrimp pasta, barbeque chicken, grilled salmon, and market fresh potato salads are just some of the amazing foods that fall under these categories. Once your guests are done devouring these delicious items, they can begin feasting on decadent desserts such as gourmet cupcakes and the classic New York cheesecake. As you can see, there is no shortage of variety in Ruby Tuesday’s catering menu, nor is there a shortage in service. We highly recommend Ruby Tuesday as the caterer to your event. They are a fantastic organization and high in quality.

Below are the latest Ruby Tuesday catering menu prices.

Ruby Tuesday is an American multi-national, casual dining restaurant. Founded in 1972 in Tennessee, the company’s founder, Samuel E. Beall, received funds from a few friends which enabled him to kick-start the first RubyTuesday close to the University of Tennessee’s campus. From thereon, the company did very well and expanded consistently. The chain initially and mainly started out in shopping malls, but as it grew withstanding locations became more of the norm. RubyTuesday specializes in American cuisine and items on the menu include biscuits, burgers, chicken, pasta ribs, seafood, soup, etc. Restaurant signatures include the Ruby’s Classic Burger, parmesan shrimp pasta, and lobster carbonara. Ruby Tuesday has proved to be a creative and forward-thinking organization as they have implemented fresh restaurant concepts, introduced marketing strategies, and sponsored with NASCAR to promote their brand. The company has 850 locations dispersed globally and employs 41,000 persons.

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