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Red Robin Catering menu. We regret to inform you that Red Robin does not offer a catering service. Even with this disappointing news, we still highly recommend Red Robin as a dining restaurant you can take your family to. The customer service is great, the vibe is friendly, and the food is amazing. Red Robin’s menu serves insatiable items such as onion rings, grilled chicken salads, BBQ chicken wrap, French onion soup, and the trademark Red Robin gourmet cheeseburger. These are simple, fun foods anyone in the family would love and drool over. Again, we apologize a great organization such as Red Robin does not have a catering program, but we cosign everything the company stands for and are sure you would love it just as much as we do.

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Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, or simply known as Red Robin, is a chain of casual dining restaurants. Founded in 1969 in Seattle, was first a tavern but later expanded to have hamburgers on the menu, 28 different burgers to be exact. After that, sales increased exponentially. Gerry Kingen, who bought out the restaurant, was responsible for the expansion of the menu as well as the expansion and franchising of the restaurant itself. The company’s menu has categories such as appetizers, fresh salads, and wraps and soups. Items that fall under these categories are Towering Onion Rings Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wrap, and the Banzai Burger. Red Robins has added a new, simplified line of restaurants named Red Robin’s Burger Works. These locations feature much quicker service than the full, complete restaurants. Locations include Washington D.C., Illinois, Ohio, and Colorado. The company has expanded to 450 locations across the United States.

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