Popeyes Catering Menu Prices

If you’re planning for a party, tailgate, reunion, and more, then we recommend Popeyes Catering menu. For groups of 20, 30, 50, 75, and 100 Popeyes catering menu will supply your event with the appropriate quantity of chicken, party sides, and biscuits. Popeyes Catering will conveniently and, to their best ability, accommodate your event with a smile on their face through the whole way. “Louisiana Fast!” is the best way we can describe it.

Below are the latest approximate Popeyes Catering menu prices. Please be advised that we are not affiliated or associated with Popeyes and Popeyes catering prices may differ by location. Therefor, contact your local popeyes store for the latest Popeyes Catering menu and prices.*



Pack 1
50pcs of Chicken
2 pans of side items
25 buttermilk biscuits
Serves 25
Pack 2
100pcs of Chicken
4 pans of side items
50 buttermilk biscuits
Serves 50
Pack 3
200pcs of Chicken
8 pans of side items
100 buttermilk biscuits
Serves 75-100
Pack 4
300 pcs of Chicken
10 pans of side items
150 buttermilk biscuits
Serves 150+
Lunch Boxes
Includes everything your guest could need, all in one box. 2 pcs of chicken, 1 regular side item, 1 buttermilk biscuit, plus eating utencils, napkins and condiments.
Additional Side$0.99
Additional Piece of Chicken$1.69


100 - 299 (Mixed pieces)$1.50/per pc.
300 - 599 (Mixed pieces)$1.30/per pc.
600+ (Mixed pieces)$1.10/per pc.


(1 Pan = 7 large sides: serves ~14 people)
Mashed Potatoes & Cajun Gravy (pan)$24.99
Coleslaw (pan)$24.99
Red Beans & Rice (pan)$24.99
Macaroni & Cheese (pan)$24.99
Jambalaya (pan)$24.99
Corn on the Cob (per dozen)$24.99
Buttermilk Biscuits (per dozen)$5.49
5 Dozen or more (per dozen)$5.00


Popcorn Shrimp (10 orders)$35.00
Butterfly Shrimp (10 orders)$35.00
Catfish Fillet (10 orders)$35.00


Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is an American chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants founded in 1972. It is said the restaurant was named after the fictional character, Jimmy “Popeye” Dolan, from the movie “The French Connection.” Popeyes began only selling traditional mild fried chicken, but business was slow and they resorted to a spicier alternative to impress natives. Going by the slogan “Louisiana Fast!”, Popeyes is the second-largest quick-service chicken restaurant group. Key products on the menu include fried chicken, Cajun cuisine, seafood, and biscuits. The company is worth a steady $206 million and has more than 1,800 restaurants in more than 40 states and over 22 countries worldwide, such as Turkey, China, Iraq, and Canada.

For more information on Popeyes Catering menu prices, visit their official website.



Popeyes Catering Menu Prices
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    I am Bryan Tan from Changi General Hospital.
    We are organising our Family Day at November, Venue: KIV
    we are looking at 2000+ participants.
    Can you quote us a $8, $9 and $10 menu if you are able to cope with the number.

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