Jimmy Johns Catering Menu Prices

Jimmy Johns catering menu has been rated one of the best catering services around. Jimmy Johns requests that you give them an advanced notice of at least 24 hours for catering orders. However, if it’s an emergency, they will do their best to satisfy your requests. Some of the dishes they offer for catering are: Party Planners – which consist of 15 to 30 pieces of platters, mix and match. Just pick any sub mix and the restaurant will do all the rest. Box Lunches – customers can choose any sub or club. They can also choose chips, giant cookie & pickle spear in a perfect box, easy to carry and easy to use.

Below are the latest approximate Jimmy Johns catering menu prices for the entire Jimmy John’s Catering menu including: Party Platters, Party Subs, Box Lunches, and Extras. Please be advised that Jimmy Johns is a Franchise and each store sets it’s own catering prices. Please contact your local Jimmy Johns for their latest catering prices and information.



A durable & transportable display box of individually packaged 4" sandwiches. It's clean, all individually wrapped and marked! Clubs cost a little more than subs.


Old school 90's plastic container but still available in a 15 & 30 piece version 1/3 sandwiches of your choice. Clubs cost a little more than subs.
15 PIECE$25.00
30 PIECE$49.00


Your choice, any sub or club, choice of chips, giant cookie & pickle spear in a perfect box, easy to carry, easy to use. Club box lunch is a buck extra. (Minimum of 4 box lunches must be ordered.)


PICKLE BUCKET (Per Quart)$5.00
GOURMET CHIPS (Per Bag)$1.09
22oz SOFT DRINKS$1.49
30oz SOFT DRINKS$1.69

Jimmy Johns first appeared on the scene in 1983 during the Reagan and Bush Era of the Cold War. America was crying for a change and Jimmy Johns Liautaud answered that cry by introducing a change in America’s lunch diet. Jimmy set out to make the simplest but the greatest gourmet sandwich that Americans would taste. With just a handful of cookbooks from the local library, Jimmy created his award-winning bread. After perfecting four sandwiches, he had them tested with his family and friends. When he received praises, he was encouraged to go on. He bravely opened his first Jimmy Johns outlet by renting a place for $200 a month, and stocking it up with used restaurant equipment such as a chest freezer, a meat slicer and oven, and a refrigerator. Unfortunately, his sodas had no ice because he couldn’t afford an ice machine. The first few days were difficult so he went out to the streets and offered his gourmet sandwiches for free. Now, his hardships have borne fruit. Jimmy Johns is currently operating in 2,000 locations all over the United States.

Jimmy Johns’ Most Popular Dishes

Some of the best dishes that Jimmy Johns serves its customers are:

Turkey Tom – this is really just a simple sandwich consisting of turkey breast, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce tomato, and mayo. It has only a few calories, and the lowest fat, although it is a bit high in sodium. This sandwich is rich in protein, but has no cheese.

Bootlegger Club – this is a giant club sandwich that has roast beef, turkey, lettuce, tomato and mayo. It has the lowest calories and fat and its meats are all lean. There are also more veggies in this sandwich than the other sandwiches they offer. This is also high in sodium having about 1,660 milligrams.

For more information on Jimmy Johns catering menu prices, visit their official website.



Jimmy Johns Catering Menu Prices
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