IHOP Catering Menu Prices

IHOP Catering menu. We regret to inform you IHOP does not offer a catering service. As disappointing as that may sound, IHOP is still a fantastic organization, which offers a many of things. At any IHOP restaurant you will find excellent customer service, a warm environment, and most importantly, food made from scratch and fresh ingredients. IHOP does make a concerted effort on breakfast food such as their signature pancakes, waffles, eggs, and crepes but the menu is not only limited to breakfast. The restaurant also serves sandwiches and soups, hamburgers, appetizers, and salads. Insatiable beverages such as toasted marshmallow hot chocolate, French vanilla coffee, and iced coffee are also available on the menu. IHOP is a company that has been around for five decades now and is still striving for better things and prospering. Based off that alone, we heavily recommend them. Again, we apologize IHOP does not have a catering program.

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IHOP, or the International House of Pancakes, is a U.S. based restaurant chain that specializes in breakfast foods, most notably pancakes. Jerry and Al Lapin founded the company in 1958. They envisioned a restaurant that sells various types of pancakes and other related foods such as crepes and blitzes from around the globe at low, affordable prices. Although IHOP does focus on breakfast foods with pancakes, french toast, and omelettes, they do offer lunch and dinner menus as well. This menu expansion began in the 1980s to keep the company fresh and unpredictable. IHOP also bought out Applebee’s in 2007 after they stated their desire to acquire the chain. IHOP currently has 1,500 restaurants across the Americas, with just 2 located in Dubai and Kuwait.

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IHOP Catering Menu Prices
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