How to Save on Catering Services

How to Save on Catering Services

Catered events can be costly. In spite of the convenience it offers, many people are reluctant to hire a caterer because of the price tag . The good news is that there are ways to get big savings without sacrificing quality or service.

Choose the Right Time for Your Event

Certain times of the day can help lower the cost of catering. For example rather than having cocktails and dinner afterwards, you can stick to cocktails. Or instead of lunch, you can serve snacks.

Manage the Amount of Alcoholic Beverages Served

Unlimited alcohol can also mean a much bigger tab since you cannot control what guests consume. Instead, opt for limited bar offerings. Offer wine, beer and a special cocktail drink for the event. This will also save you money in terms of rentals. It is common for bars to charge for the use of special glasses. With just one special drink you do not have to worry about using up so many glasses.

At the same time, if you are serving wine during the meal, request the wait staff to manage the amount they give for each guest. More often than not, guests will drink only what is given and will not ask for more unless offered.

Control the Food Servings

Allowing guests to serve themselves may result in shortage of food since some guests may take more than enough for one person even if they cannot finish it. This will cause your caterer to provide more food which will of course be charged against you and it also causes wastage. To help prevent situations like this, ask your caterer to assign food servers if you have a buffet. While guests still have a choice of what to eat, they server will provide just the right portion and guests can come back for more if needed.

On the other hand, you may also opt for plated service. While it may be costly since more people are needed to prep the food, it prevents wastage and food shortage. You pay only for the food served per person without a need for extras unless you have unexpected guests.

Choose the Venue Wisely

It’s always a good idea to choose a venue that already has a preexisting kitchen as well as tables and chairs. By choosing a venue that comes with these amenities you can shave off additional charges from your caterer’s bill. A preexisting kitchen will mean that you will no longer need to rent out equipment for the caterer to prep food in. This is especially useful if you have requested for the food to be prepared on site. On hand tables and chairs will also eliminate the need for rentals if it is not included in your caterer’s services. Many caterers provide tables and chairs but charge a separate fee for their use.

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