How to Find the Right Caterer for Your Big Day

How to Find the Right Caterer for Your Big Day

Planning a wedding is no simple task. There are numerous choices and details to be made in order to get everything ready for the big day. Food is often a highlight but in such events and many couples find it difficult to choose a caterer. To make things easier there are a few things that should be considered:


Among the first things that you will want to ask potential caterers is whether or not they are available on your set date. It is important to know this from the very beginning so you can get the date blocked in advance. Many caterers may be booked in full especially during wedding months or around holidays.

Alongside this it is also important to ask about payment and booking procedures. Many couples have been given a surprise on their wedding day with a hefty bill to pay all because this small detail was missed from the start. Set up meetings with caterers of your choice as early as nine months before the wedding. This will give you ample time to sit down and discuss details as well as make a decision.


As with many other wedding details, budget is an important part of choosing a caterer. Many caterers often have menu choices with set prices that you can review. If none of these fit into your budget or liking ask about getting a quote with the price you had in mind. It’s important to know that many caterers do not include Value Added Tax or BAT with their pricing. Do make it a point to ask about this so you do not get additional charges that you are not aware of.

Taste and Presentation

Undoubtedly, taste and the way the food is presented are also a big considerations when selecting a caterer. Aside from food that is actually delicious you will want something that looks nice too. Ask to see a portfolio of their work so you get an idea on how they plate or serve items.

A taste test should also be scheduled so you get a taste of what is to come. This will.also be the right time to ask about how long food will last or how it will fare in certain conditions such as outdoors. A good caterer will have an able team and proper equipment to ensure that food is kept fresh and the quality of taste is maintained throughout different conditions.

Set Up

More than just providing delicious food a good caterer will also help you achieve the right ambiance and outcome of what you have envisioned for your special day. Look for a caterer who fully understands what you want and can help you make it happen. It always helps to work with someone who is accommodating and flexible. Again, a portfolio of previous events covered will give you an idea of whether or not your potential caterer is capable of achieving what you want.



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