Golden Corral Catering Menu Prices

We regret to inform you Golden Corral does not offer a catering service. However, this excellent company still has an alternative to suit your taste buds. Golden Corral menu does offer a dinner buffet for an extremely low $11.99. Golden Corral labels it America’s #1 buffet and we see nothing inaccurate about that. There are an astounding 150+ choices to choose from, including 20 premium meats and seafood, 20 farm fresh vegetables, and 20 delicious Vegas-style desserts. And this is only the buffet. Golden Corral still has an extensive everyday menu donning amazing foods such as pot roast, baked potatoes, carrot cake, fried chicken, and fudgy brownies. They also offer product nutrition information on their website so you can see the health benefits of all their food. Again, we are sorry Golden Corral does not have a catering program, but they are still a fantastic restaurant with much to offer.

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Golden Corral is an American family-style restaurant chain. Founded in 1973 in North Carolina by James Maynard and William Carl, the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including an extensive buffet and grill. After several failed attempts, Maynard and Carl finally came up with the idea that is now Golden Corral. Golden Corral offers a variety of hot and cold dishes, a carving station, and their trademark Brass Bell Bakery. The popular buffet includes 20 entrees, 20 vegetables, and 20 desserts to choose from, adding up to a total of 150+ choices. The company also has many locations that offer a To-Go service, in which customers pack anything they want into a container and pay for it by the pound. Restaurant concepts such as “Strata” and “Metro Market” have been introduced as well to keep Golden Corral fresh and modern to customers. The company employs 9,000 people, has a revenue of $195 million, and a total of 500 locations.
golden corral catering menu prices
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Golden Corral Catering Menu Prices
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