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Baja Fresh Catering menu is reliable, different, and delicious. They are well-equipped and ready to accommodate any needs for a meeting, function, or gathering. Food are nutritious and zesty with, of course, a hint of Baja Fresh added to it. Dishes on the menu include the sampler platter, Caesar salad and Baja ensalada, the classic party pack including 5 quesadillas and 10 tacos, and the Fajita Fiesta. All of these dishes and more are known for the Mexican goodness Baja Fresh excels in. Nutritional information is posted on their website for your convenience. All catering orders are customizable and come in reusable bags, which are complete with utensils, plates, and napkins. We urge you to explore the flavorful world of Baja Fresh.

Below are the latest Baja Fresh catering menu prices.


Party Packs

Sampler Platter
2 cheese quesadillas, 3 mini ultimo burritos, 10 taquitos, 5 tacos, guac, chips and salsa
Chicken Sampler$47.99
Steak Sampler$54.99
Each serves 5. Includes Chips and salsas.
Chicken Mango Salad - Party Pack$8.59
Chicken Caesar Salad - Party Pack$25.99
Steak Caesar Salad - Party Pack$31.99
Shrimp Caesar Salad - Party Pack$35.99
Chicken Baja Ensalada - Party Pack$25.99
Steak Baja Ensalada - Party Pack$31.99
Shrimp Baja Ensalada - Party Pack$35.99
Classic Party Packs
Every Party Pack comes complete with chips, salsas and your choice of Baja Ensalada or Baja Rice and Beans.
Baja Tacos - Chicken Party Pack$40.99
Baja Tacos - Carnitas Party Pack$40.99
Baja Tacos - Steak Party Pack$45.99
Baja Tacos - Shrimp Party Pack$49.99
Americano Tacos - Chicken Party Pack$40.99
Americano Tacos - Carnitas Party Pack$40.99
Americano Tacos - Steak Party Pack$45.99
Americano Tacos - Shrimp Party Pack$49.99
Quesadillas - Chicken Party Pack$40.99
Quesadillas - Steak Party Pack$45.99
Quesadillas - Shrimp Party Pack$49.99
Baja Burritos - Chicken Party Pack$40.99
Baja Burritos - Carnitas Party Pack$40.99
Baja Burritos - Steak Party Pack$45.99
Baja Burritos - Shrimp Party Pack$49.99
Taquitos - Chicken Party Pack$40.99
Fajita Fiesta
Guests create their own meal! Grilled mixed veggies, rice, beans, guac, cheese, onions & cilantro, sour cream, tortillas, Baja Ensalada, chips and salsa.
Chicken Fajitas - Party Pack$84.99
Carnitas Fajitas - Party Pack$84.99
Steak Fajitas - Party Pack$84.99
Shrimp Fajitas - Party Pack$89.99
Grilled Wahoo Fajitas - Party Pack$89.99
Crispy Fish Fajitas - Party Pack$89.99
Dessert & Sides
Baja Fresh now makes catering easier!
8 oz. Guacamole$3.99
24 oz. Guacamole$14.99
Party Pack - Black Beans$7.99
Party Pack - Pinto Beans$7.99


Choose your protein and one of their fresh tossed salads.
Baja BBQ Chicken Salad
Fresh salad greens & kale, onion, bell pepper, jicama, tortilla strips, roasted corn, black beans, tomatoes and avocado, tossed with Baja BBQ dressing.
Grilled Shrimp Chile Lime Salad
Fresh salad greens & kale, pico, onion, bell pepper, jicama and tortilla strips, tossed with chile lime dressing topped with fresh avocado.
Tostada Salad
Crispy flour tortilla, romaine, beans, tomato, cheese, guacamole, pico, sour cream, tossed with cilantro ranch dressing and served with seasoned tortilla chips.
Chicken, Carnitas, or Tostada Salad (no meat)$7.79
Steak, Shrimp, Grilled Wahoo, or Crispy Wahoo$8.79
Baja Ensalada
Romaine, pico, cotija cheese, tossed with choice of dressing and served with seasoned tortilla chips.
Chicken, Carnitas, or Tostada Salad (no meat)$7.79
Steak, Shrimp, Grilled Wahoo, or Crispy Wahoo$8.79
Caesar Salad
Romaine, avocado, cotija cheese, tossed with cilantro ranch dressing and served with seasoned tortilla chips.
Caesar Salad$7.69
Chicken or Carnitas$7.79
Shrimp, Grilled Wahoo, or Crispy Wahoo$8.79


Party Pack - Rice$7.99
Queso & Chips$3.99
Chips & Salsa$3.99
Rice & Bean Plate$2.99
Sm Pinto Beans$1.69
Sm Black Beans$1.69
Sm Baja Rice$1.69
8oz Black Beans$1.99
8oz Pinto Beans$1.99
8oz Baja Rice$1.99
Side Chicken$4.99
Side Carnitas$4.99
Side Steak$5.99
Side Shrimp$6.99
Side Wahoo$6.99
Pronto Guac$1.69
Sm Guac$1.49
Sm Queso$1.69
Sm Salsa$2.49
Sm Sour Cream$0.50
Sm Dressing$0.59
8oz Salsa$3.49
8oz Guac$3.99
8oz Sour Cream$3.99
8oz Queso$3.99
8oz Dressing$3.99
Sm Veggies$0.50
8oz Veggies$2.99
Sm Mix Cheese$0.50
8oz Mix Cheese$3.99
Sm Cheese$0.50
8oz Cheese$3.99




Gold Peak Tea$2.69
Honest Green Tea$2.59
VW Zero$2.69
VW Energy$2.69
Fuze Str/Mel$2.69
Power C$2.69
Can Soda$1.49
Orange Juice$1.99
Smart Water$2.69

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Baja Fresh is a chain of fast-casual Tex-Mex restaurants specializing in Mexican style fast food. Baja Fresh was kick-started in 1990 by Jim and Linda Magglos who opened the first Baja Fresh in California. Shortly thereafter, franchising began in 1995 which led to 31 locations by 1997. Wendy’s purchased the chain 2002 for $275 million as a wholly owned subsidiary, and four years later after a decline in sales sold the chain to private investor consortium, which owns other restaurants. Baja Fresh sells cuisine such as burritos, tacos, salads, and sides. Signature meals include the Diablo Burrito, Fire-Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, chips and salsa, and quesadillas. Baja Fresh currently has 256 operating stores in 29 U.S. states, Singapore, and Dubai.

baja fresh catering menu prices

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Baja Fresh Catering Menu Prices
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