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If you need catering for your special event or function, then contact Albertson’s Market Catering. With bakery, party trays, and wine & beer catering options, Albertson’s Catering menu can make your event memorable. Options on the catering menu include fresh baked cakes, cookies, and whoopee pies for the bakery. Party trays include a bevy of foods such as Swiss cheese, deli salamis, pickles, tomatoes, and dips as well. After your main course, Albertson’s can also supply fine wine such as Smith and Hook, 14 Hands Cabernet, Folie A Duex Red, and Meomi Pinot Noir. With Albertson’s three-headed dragon of catering, your event will be balanced and, more importantly, delicious. First comes the catering tray, then the bakery options, and finish the night off with excellent, lovely wine. We highly recommend Albertson’s Market diverse catering.

Below are the latest Albertsons Catering menu prices.


Deli Chicken

8 Pc Fried Chicken
2 Breasts, 2 Wings, 2 Legs, 2 Thighs.
Chicken Buckets
Our wing and potato buckets are great for game day parties or quick dinners at home. Buckets include 2 lbs. of juicy and flavorful chicken wings or chicken tenders with 1 lb. of seasoned potato wedges.
Fried Chicken Party Pack
Let us do the cooking while you take the compliments... Whether you're entertaining friends or hosting a last minute get-together, our Famous Fried Chicken is always a crowd favorite! Includes breasts, thighs, drumsticks and wings
50 Pieces$39.99
100 Pieces$79.99
150 Pieces$119.99
250 Pieces$199.99
300 Pieces$239.99
500 Pieces$399.99

Deli Fruit and Veggie Trays

Fruit & Fromage Tray
An elegant array of our favorite specialty cheeses and fresh seasonal fruits. Bon appétit!
Medium (16" - Serves 12-16)$54.99
Large (18" Serves 18-22)$69.99
Garden Fresh Vegetable Tray
The essential crudités. Vegetable platter served with your favorite dip.
Small Round (Serves 6-8)$24.99
Medium Round (Serves 12-14)$39.99
Large Round (Serves 18-20)$49.99

Deli Party Trays

Big Dipper Tray
Spinach dip served with crisp toasted garlic rounds and fresh vegetables. Serves 18-20.
C'est Cheese Tray
You can juggle a wine glass while sampling these bite-size cheese morsels of Blue, Brie, Gouda, Cheddar and chévre. Fresh fruit, dried fruit, and nuts accompany this platter. Serves 16-20.
Caprese Kabob
Skewered fresh Mozzarella balls (Ciligiene), grape tomatoes, and fresh basil. Served with a crusty baguette and a dipping sauce of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and pesto. Magnifico! Serves 8-10.
Cheese Lover's Tray
A natural assortment of Colby-Jack, Hot Pepper, Provolone, Cheddar, Swiss, Muenster, Havarti, and a sandwich Herb spread. Pair with the Meat Lover's tray for the perfect match!
Small (12" round - Serves 16-18)$33.99
Medium (16" square - Serves 24-26)$54.99
Large (18" square - Serves 34-36)$59.99
Customer's Choice Tray
A personalized party tray selection - you choose your favorites! We recommend four signature meats, two cheeses, and a choice of relish.
Small Round (Serves 10-12)$34.99
Medium Square (Serves 22-28)$44.99
Large Square (Serves 36-40)$59.99
Insalata Caprese Tray
A traditional Neapolitan dish from the isle of Capri is made with freshly sliced Mozzarella, ripened tomatoes, and fresh basil drizzled with olive oil.
Small (12" - Serves 6-8)$16.99
Medium (16" - Serves 12-14)$22.99
Just Turkey, Ham or Beef Tray
A selection of your favorite turkey, ham and beef varieties. Includes: a bountiful tray of your four flavor choices. Try honey, smoked, oven roasted, or one of the many other varieties. With condiment selections of mayonnaise, Dijon and complementary mustards.
Small (12" Round - Serves 10-12)$29.99
Medium (16" - Serves 14-18)$39.99
Large (18" - Serves 20-28)$59.99
Meat Lover's Tray
A generous combination of our most popular deli meats. Includes: ham, hard salami, roast beef, turkey breast and relish.
Small (12" Round - Serves 12-16)$32.99
Medium (16" Square - Serves 20-24)$42.99
Large (18" Square - Serves 26-30)$52.99
Mediterranean Meza Tray
Mediterranean favorites including spinach dip, cubed feta, hummus, pita bread, cucumbers, tomatoes, Kalamata and green cracked olives. This tray is a visual delight and sure to impress!
New Yorker Tray
Piled high pastrami, corned beef, roast beef, Genoa salami, Swiss and provolone cheese, served with garlic dill pickle slices and grain mustard. Fugettaboutit!
Small (12" - Serves 10-12)$29.99
Medium (16" - Serves 14-18)$34.99
Large (18" - Serves 20-28)$44.99
Relish This
A tempting array of olives and zesty relishes to accompany any meal.
Small (Serves 12-16)$24.99
Medium (Serves 24-32)$34.99
That's Italian Tray
This flavor-packed delight will have you craving for more! Fresh Mozzarella balls (Ciligiene), provolone wedges, Genoa salami, pepperoncini, Prosciutto, marinated artichokes, Kalamata olives, grape tomatoes, and red pepper strips. Wow!
Small (Serves 6-8)$39.99
Medium (Serves 10-12)$59.99
Ultimate Tray
An ultimate combination fresh from the deli counter includes roast beef, ham, turkey, hard salami, Swiss cheese, Cheddar cheese, potato salad, Italian pasta salad, olives and pickles.
Small (12" Round - Serves 8-12)$39.99
Medium (16" Square - Serves 14-18)$49.99
Large (18" Square - Serves 20-24)$59.99

Deli Sub Sandwiches

3 or 6 Foot Party Subs
Choose the All American or Italian. Fresh deli sandwiches are always a favorite. Our subs are made fresh on French bread and can be custom ordered for your hungry crowd.

The All American: Freshly baked soft sub roll stuffed with premium turkey breast, roast beef, baked ham, honey mesquite turkey breast, and domestic Swiss cheese.

Italian: The Italian version is filled with Italian ham (Cappicola), Cotto salami, Italian roast beef, Genoa Salami, Mortadella, Provolone cheese, Italian dressing, and pepperoncini.
3' (Serves 16-20)$34.99
6' (Serves 32-40)$59.99

Dietz and Watson Premium Trays

All Wrapped Up Platter
Made with our choice selection of classic deli meats, fresh green leaf lettuce, and Rondele garlic & herb spread, this platter features chili tomato wrap and spinach wraps that will have everyone raving. Serves 8-10. (Boar's Head meats will be substituted in Boar's Head stores)
Entertainer Platter
A deliciously diverse assortment of cheeses, including Brie, sharp cheese and Dietz & Watson picante provolone. Complemented by gourmet crackers and a fresh selection of apple wedges, grapes and strawberries. Serves 8-10. (Boar's Head meats will be substituted in Boar's Head stores)
Grand Appetizer Platter
This platter features a gourmet selection of Dietz & Watson's most delectable deli meats and cheeses - from our prosciutto panino, honey glazed ham and classic turkey, to beef salami and delicious smoked gouda. Topped off with fresh apple slices. Serves 8-10. (Boar's Head meats will be substituted in Boar's Head stores)
Tuscan Platter
This classic platter features Dietz & Watson beef salami, vino rosa dry salami, picante provolone, and prosciutto panino - with green grapes and delicious fresh strawberries as the perfect finishing touch. Serves 8-10. (Boar's Head meats will be substituted in Boar's Head stores)
Wine Lover's Treat Platter
A bold selection of New York State aged Cheddar cheeses includes roasted garlic, jalapeño & cayenne, and buffalo wing cheddar - while our smoked Gouda, picante provolone, and prosciutto panino nicely complements any wine. Serves 8-10. (Boar's Head meats will be substituted in Boar's Head stores)

Sandwich Trays

Club Sandwiches with Salad
Fresh bakery rolls generously stuffed with chicken or tuna salad. Order a tray with just one salad type or a variety of all. Serves 10-12.
Finger Sandwiches with Sliced Meats
All time favorite - Homestyle turkey breast and smoked ham with American and Swiss cheese on white and wheat bread accompanied in the center with deli style pickle slices. Serves 12-16.
Hoagie Sandwich Tray
America's favorite traditional sandwich made with the freshest products. Ham, turkey, roast beef, provolone cheese, and a pickle center. Serves 10-12.
Hye Roller Tray
This distinctive tray is made from soft flat bread and layered with a cream cheese spread then rolled with an assortment of deli meats, cheeses, tomatoes and lettuce.
Small (Serves 6-8)$26.99
Medium (Serves 12-14)$36.99
Large (Serves 16-18)$44.99
Pita Pocket Tray
Pocket bread filled with delectable turkey, ham and roast beef ready to stuff with your choice of accompaniments. Sure to be the hit of any party! Serves 12-20.
The Works Tray
Take your sandwich from good to great with this array of accompaniments.
Small (Sevres 8-12)$16.99
Medium (Serves 12-16)$22.99
Traditional Sandwiches
A variety of fresh baked mini rolls filled with premium ham and Swiss cheese along with turkey and cheddar cheese. Garnished with pickles, tomatoes, and olives. Serves 12-16.

Seafood Trays

Krab Flake & Crab Cheese Ball
Chunks of Surimi Krab meat with two 1-pound Crab cheese balls complete with 8 oz. Of zesty cocktail sauce. Serves 14-16
Shrimp & Crab Cheese Ball
Cooked and peeled shrimp with two 1-pound Crab cheese balls complete with 8 oz. of zesty cocktail sauce. Serves 14-16
Shrimp & Crab Flake
Cooked and peeled shrimp with chunks of Surimi Krab meat complete with 8 oz. of zesty cocktail sauce. Serves 18-22

Snack Square Trays

Croissant Sandwiches
Flaky, light and buttery croissants layered with baked ham, roast beef, premium smoked turkey breast and American cheese. Garnished with leaf lettuce, olives and sweet pickle. (Serves 10-12)
Fruit & Cheese
A great healthy snack for any occasion. Includes cubes of Swiss, Muenster and Cheddar cheese refreshingly combined with grapes and strawberries! Serves 8-10.
Hot Wings
Enjoy our tasty buffalo wings. Covered in a spicy sauce and rich in flavor accompanied by a ranch dipping sauce and a garnish of crisp celery sticks. Serves 8-10.
Hye Roller
Soft Lavosh bread layered with cream cheese, baked ham, premium turkey breast, provolone, tomato, green leaf lettuce and deli-sliced pickles. Serves 8-10.
Mini Club Sandwiches
Delicately stacked sandwiches filled with sliced premium turkey breast, baked ham, American and Swiss cheese on both wheat and white bread. Serves 8-10.
The hit of any party! Petite sandwiches made on sweet King's Hawaiian rolls. Stuffed with our thinly sliced signature turkey and topped with a generous slice of Cheddar cheese. Serves 8-10.
Spinach Dip
Everyone's favorite dip served in a fresh baked bread bowl with your choice of vegetables or dipping bread slices. Serves 8-10.
Albertsons LLC is an American grocery company based in Idaho. Founded in 1939 by Joe Albertson, “Idaho’s largest and finest food store” offered many departments and services. Albertsons has acquired many companies such as Safeway, and has been acquired by SuperValu, Cerberus, and CVS Pharmacy as a result of debt. The chain operates under the following banners: ACME, Albertsons, Amigos, Jewel-Osco, and Lucky. Albertsons is also a technology-progressive company, implementing a “Shop ‘N’ Scan” system and the ability to shop from home. Departments in Albertsons include bakery, dairy, deli, frozen foods, general grocery, meat, pharmacy, produce, seafood, and liquor. The chain has a revenue of $21 billion, employs 112,000 people, and operates 1,075 locations.

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