5 Themed Restaurants That Are Absolutely Crazy

5 Themed Restaurants That Are Absolutely Crazy

There are a lot of themed restaurants across the country, but some of them are a little bit more out there than others. These restaurants really raise the bar when it comes to whimsy and uniqueness.

  1. Princess Heart—Tokyo, Japan

The Princess Heart restaurant in Tokyo is built around the theme of treating like women like a princess—literally. Women who want to indulge in a princess fantasy will find that this is the place to eat. Customers are taken to a full-length mirror where they ask “Who is the fairest of them all?” before they are taken to their table and adorned with a crown. Single men who attempt to get into this restaurant will be turned away at the door (yup, that’s how insane this place is.)

  1. Barbie Café—Taipei, Taiwan

The Barbie Café has, you guessed it, a full-on Barbie theme. Everything in these restaurant is pink, and we mean EVERYTHING. The bar tables are designed to look like stilettos, and the chair backs look like bustiers. The waitresses in these restaurants are dressed like Barbie dolls, and the waiters look like Ken dolls (or at least they try to.) Anyone who absolutely adores everything Barbie will want to pay this particular restaurant a visit.

  1. A-380—Taipei, Taiwan

A-380 is a restaurant with an airplane theme. While airplane food might not have the best reputation, the food this restaurant serves is known for being top notch. Waitresses are of course dressed just like flight attendants, and customers are handed boarding passes that have their seat numbers on them. There is even a First Class area in this restaurant that is for reserved dining only. A majority of the dishes on this menu are served in plastic trays, just like you would expect on an actual airplane.

  1. Friends Café—Beijing, China

The Friend’s Café in Beijing has a theme that revolves around the hit 90s sitcom Friends. The establishment itself was designed to look more or less just like the main setting of the sitcom. Those who have ever wondered if Central Perk (the café in the sitcom) is a real place, can wonder no more. This café even has the extra large cups for coffee just like the one in the popular American television show, giving anyone who has watched and enjoyed it a rush of nostalgia when they set food in it.

  1. Mars 2112—New York, NY

The Mars 2112 restaurant in New York has an outer space theme, specifically Mars, with some very impressively creative architecture both inside and out. This Martian-themed restaurant has waiters dressed up as aliens, and the entire place is bathed in a glow of red light. The space-themed furniture and lighting are just two of the things that make this restaurant one of the craziest and more authentic theme restaurants. Those who have always wondered what it would be like to have a meal on Mars will find that this is probably the closest thing to it.

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